Baking Soda gender reveals test; Does it really work?

When I told my sister that I was pregnant with my second baby, she asked if I knew what gender I was having, I answered “no”; since I was in my early first trimester. Then she said: “do the baking test.” Out of curiosity, I asked her; “does it really work?” and her confidence fed my curiosity. 

You may or may not have heard of The Baking Soda Gender Test, you’ve probably started asking yourself: what is The Baking Soda Gender Test? How is this test done? How can you tell the result? Does it really work? Well, from my experiences and what I’ve witnessed, I will tell you more about The Baking Soda Gender Test.
The Baking Soda Gender Test is when you mix your urine with the baking soda to see the reaction result. The test is based on how your pregnancy hormones reacted when mixed with the baking soda.

Here’s How You Can Take It.
NB: It is highly recommended that you use your first-morning urine when doing The Baking Soda Gender Test, for accurate test and result.

  • You will need 2 cups for this.
  • Pour baking soda into one cup
  • Sit on the toilet, place the second empty cup under you.
  • Catch the pee into the cup (not too much though ) make sure that the quantity of your urine matches with the quantity of baking soda.
  • Slowly pour the urine into the cup that has the baking soda and closely observe its reaction.

Telling The Result:
If You See Few Reactions (Small Bubbles): congratulations! You are having a girl.

If The Urine Start Bubbling And Sizzling: congrats! You are having a boy.

Now, the biggest picture is that Science Research hasn’t proved any accuracy in this test; and the test accuracy may be 50/50. However, those who took the test says that it worked for them.
Personally, I took The Soda Gender Test when I was pregnant with my baby boy, and the result proved that I was having a boy; at only 9 weeks of gestation.
I’ve seen some of my family members and friends taking it and the results were accurate. Was it some coincidence? Maybe I find it super fun to do this little DIY test and predict my baby’s gender. But the best way to know what gender you are having is to wait until you’re 20 weeks and go for an ultrasound or maybe blood testing. You can as well wait until the baby is born. I wish you luck and congratulations on your little bundle of joy!

Hello, moms’ feel free to tell us about your experience with The Baking Soda Gender Test in the Comments. 

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