Hyperpigmentation Mixology Face Oil.


Struggling with dark spots and hyperpigmentation? This Mixologist is the perfect blend to treat uneven skin tone.m

Our hyperpigmentation facial oil serum contains papaya seed oil, turmeric extract, and echinacea extract used to even out your skin tone by removing the dark spots. The serum also contains powerful ingredients such as retinoids proven to boost the production of collagen to keep your skin rejuvenated while sealing moisture, restoring the skin’s lipid barrier, and providing nutrients to the skin.

Ingredients: Papaya Seed Oil, Rosehip oil, Tumeric extra, Carrort seed extra, Evening PrimeroseOil, Sunflower oil & echinacea extract. 

Direction: After cleansing face with our kombucha soap,drop 2-3 droplets of oil in your face.
Massage evenly Into skin until absorbed. Follow with moisturizer.

Whatever your skin type, this facial oil will benefit your hyperpigmentation, nourish, brighten up your skin for an even face glow. 



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