About the Founders

Mama’s Wellness Club was created by two moms (Jhenny & Evely) with 5 young children in between on their journey of pregnancy, breastfeeding and raising healthy babies.

As we know motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, we are two mom/friends who always brainstorm and share tips about our motherhood experience. (The good and the bad). Each of our unique experiences inspire us to establish Mama’s Wellness Club in order to create a platform for other moms to relate to the reality of motherhood.

Our week-by-week customized guides know exactly where you’re on this journey, because we’ve been there too. We at Mama’s Wellness Club are always on the lookout for new ways to improve the lives of mothers.

Join us on this maternal journey.

Vision and Mission Statement

We are committed to decode myths and empower moms with the right tools for a healthy lifestyle.

Inspire healthier families by empowering moms with the education, resources (Referral, social assistance and crisis intervention) and
support they need pre and post-conception.

Core Values

Break Down Barriers

We are committed to decode myths and empower moms with the right tools for a healthy lifestyle.

Diversity is the Club

We support mamas from all cultural backgrounds.

Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies

We promote motherhood wellness and healthy childhood development.

Quality Services

We give our very best to each mom through the education and resources we provide.

Why Mama’s Wellness Club?

As women and mothers, we have tremendous power to impact our environment and reduce the stigma that mothers around the world experience during pregnancy, postpartum breastfeeding, and wellness.

Empowering Moms with wellness, self-care, motivation, resources, tips, and lifestyle balance to achieve positive parenting outcomes with positive thinking and lifestyle balance.

We believe that healthy mamas can change the world.

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