Organic Kombucha Facial Bar


Hand Pre-cut Square pack of 2 (Naked Soap)
Organic- Vegan- Fragrance Free
Who doesn’t want to have smooth and luminous skin?

Our Kombucha facial bar is infused with homebrewing kombucha tea and Scooby to give your skin all the natural benefits it deserves.

Kombucha is an acetic acid ferment, like vinegar, but with a weaker acetic acid solution (less than 1%). This mild vinegar is a natural exfoliator as the acid is strong enough to break the bonds of dead skin but not so strong that it leaves skin feeling dry or flaky. On the contrary, This Kombucha Facial bar will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Our kombucha facial bar contains hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and glycolic acids loaded with probiotics which are often found in skincare that help fight age lines, spots, wrinkles and help remove the dead cells and enhance your natural skin glow.

Let’s Rejuvenate & Glow!


Our products are wrapped with eco-friendly Burlap material that can be recycled because we love the environment. It goes perfectly with our wellness Skincare soaps.

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  1. Evely

    This is the best soap! I have super sensitive and dry skin. Since using this soap I feel so relieved.

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