Organic Kombucha Facial Bar

$17.97 Including sales tax

Hand Pre-cut Square pack of 2

Organic- Vegan- Fragrance Free

 Go Mama Glow!

Who doesn’t want to have smooth and luminous skin?

Our organic Homemade Vegan Kombucha face bar will give you the glow your skin needs.

Go Mama Glow facial bar is infused with homebrewing kombucha tea and Scooby to give your skin all the natural benefits it deserves

After having a baby we moms struggle with:

-Melasma; dry skin; wrinkles ( from not enough sleep); acne etc.

Kombucha is an acetic acid ferment, like vinegar, but with a weaker acetic acid solution (less than 1%). This mild vinegar is a natural exfoliator as the acid is strong enough to break the bonds of dead skin but not so strong that it leaves skin feeling dry or flaky. On the contrary, it leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Kombucha also produces trace amounts of beauty acids such a hyaluronic, lactic, and malic which are often found in pricier cosmetic applications and help fight age lines, spots, and wrinkles.